Tips for a Social Media Marketing Schedule

Developing reliable social media content for a company is difficult. The reason being is that through social media there are many different views that people look at.

For example someone could be looking at the Nike Air Max’s that just came out. Nike would then have to find out how they can market these shoes correctly to all areas of the social media. The hard part comes next.

Keeping posts and the page up to date takes a whole department, not just one person to accomplish. Countless hours and ideas float around the room to make sure that the next post pulls in thousands of viewers. I am going to show you some tips that might help with that schedule.


Share a Post and be Consistent

Being consistent is something that my parents have always told me. Going to the gym on a daily basis to secure a healthy lifestyle is consistent. This should be real with a business as well. To be consistent with social media the company must post multiple times. The only exception to this rule is that the posts have to be meaningful.

Another great way to be consistent is to have a daily blog post that comes out the first Monday of every month for example. If viewers like the blog post then that will make sure people are looking for this every Monday.

Good Quality Content

From personal experience there is nothing more boring and dull then bad content that is in an article. The boring stuff that seems to drag on and on for hours of a time but in reality it has only been five minutes.

Spicing up the post is always important and should be looked into with the team of the company! The point of high quality content is to pull the reader in closer. Doing this will ensure they will come back to the social media site to view more posts.

Other ways to ensure that the content is catchy and getting attention is to keep an eye out for small matters. These include:

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Shares
  • Retweets
  • Visits
  • Positive or negative emojis

Look at the Strong Link

Why focus efforts on something that seems like a lost cause when the effort that is being put into the lost cause can be put into something that is going well. Basically saying to focus all efforts into the social media site that is the strongest and well diverse.

For instance Bell’s Brewing Company does not do so well with Snapchat but they thrive on Instagram and Facebook. They have made the smart decision to focus mainly on those sites to ensure they are hitting all avenues of approach. “You should analyze where most of your traffic is coming from and then concentrate on building your presence on that channel” (Business2Community, 2017).


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