Effective New Marketing Tools for Social Media

In the world of business and marketing it is always important to think about how companies will use social media to their advantage. One of the ways is simply by posting status updates, pictures, or videos discussing new products or services.

What if social media took a complete 360 on the way that they do social media?

There are many social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat that have become giants in the social marketing world as well as the social media world.

Let me discuss now the means to an effective marketing campaign for a business.

Facebook Live:

Everyone knows Facebook and if someone doesn’t they have been living under a rock for a very long time. They might not even be accustomed to society as we know it today, but that is besides the point.

Business 2 Community says that 78% of business that have or used Facebook say that the live feature is a successful and genius way to market effectively.

I have seen the live feature being used many times on Facebook from our Presidents inauguration yesterday to idiotic videos that have cats running around the room playing with yarn balls. Businesses also can use the live feature to promote goods and services that they will be releasing to the public.

One example that I find was an effective way to market using the live feature was GNC (General Nutrition Center). The company changed the way that they have done business by taking a huge leap into offering a one price system with a free membership rewards sign up plan. They marketed the beginning of a new GNC for a couple months and when the time came to release what they had come up with they used the live feature on Facebook. This notified everyone who followed GNC to know that the company was unveiling something huge in real time. This brought double the business to GNC and made everyone aware of the large changes that the company was moving towards.


Instagram Video:

Personally Instagram is one of my favorite social media sites. The reason being is of the simplicity that it holds.

Using the site for pictures and videos to express the way that a person lives their life is an amazing way to market yourself or your business to the world.

Now people most likely thought when Instagram came out with the live feature that they stole this from Facebook. Business 2 Community  states that with the Instagram live feature that the video disappears like it would if someone where to send a Snapchat.

Instagram has come out with many other features including the Instagram story as well as the boomerang feature that allows users to record themselves doing an activity that will play back and forth like a video but in boomerang fashion.

An example that expresses the use of this feature for digital marketing would be a local brewery called Bell’s. Bell’s makes one of my favorite beers called two hearted ale, but they also make use of the story feature as well as the live feature. I have seen countless times that they have gone live showing festivals they are at or any event that involves selling their product. Bell’s expanded their line of product through digital marketing and social media outlets. They have no commercials on television because they do not need that kind of expensive publicity.



Snapchat is strictly pictures and videos that have only a 10 second time limit until they disappear forever. Users can also input text to explain a picture but only so much can said in one snap. People may be asking how Snapchat can be an effective marketing tool which is what I will discuss!

I personally have a Snapchat and I follow different companies and love seeing the different snaps that they post to their stories. A story is a collection of snaps that are all compiled into a slideshow type fashion that you can watch over and over again. The stories however disappear in 24 hours watched or unwatched.

A good example of how snapchat can be an effective marketing tool is through personal fitness. Josef Rakich, a personal trainer, uses Snapchat as one of his main social media marketing techniques. He posts all kinds of workout videos, supplement knowledge, and healthy eating habits. He has his own business called JRF and he markets his company very well. He is from New Zealand and reaches people all over the world and helps change their lives for the better.

Wrapping Up

Businesses for years have always been struggling to find new and inventive ways to market directly to the customer. I could not imagine how hard it must have been to market to consumers back in the early 1900’s. Without the Internet, social media, television, and phones most people would have never of heard or seen the products that they could have used.

We see as business professionals that social media marketing and network has become a staple in today’s society. It will only continue to grow and become more popular as the years go by. Learning to utilize these platforms correctly and effectively will ensure that a business becomes the best it can be.


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